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Ask Jeff Cooper: Engagement Rings How To

It’s the question almost every groom-to-be faces. ‘How do I choose an engagement ring?’

We went over the finer points of how to recognize quality here, but most of us still need help picking the perfect style for her personality.

Conventional wisdom says to ask the bride’s mother, sister or a close friend to come look at rings. That’s not necessarily the advice we’d give you.

FIRST, if you’re sincerely worried she won’t love the ring, just ask her what she likes. You can always pretend you’re researching a birthday or holiday gift.

If you want the ring to be a total surprise, the key to understanding (and conveying) her personal style is Hard Evidence. And the proof is in the pictures.

Here’s a short list of snapshots that will help your salesperson pinpoint the ring of her dreams. (You could bring them on your phone, but it’s way better to print out these pictures and bring them to the store.)

1. Pictures of her in her favorite outfits.

2. Snapshots of her favorite jewelry, that show the metals, stones, and styles she likes.

3. Pictures of her handbags, perfumes, or any brand names she likes may give valuable clues to her taste. If her bag, signature fragrance and coat are all classic, trendy or super feminine, you’ll probably want her ring to match.

4. Does she subscribe to any magazines? Whether she reads Town & Country or Real Simple, her reading material has the potential to be very revealing when it comes to the personal style she aspires to.

5. And last, but not least, does she have a Pinterest account? This is a goldmine of clues about her personal style, and you may actually find ring pictures in there. Take screenshots of anything you think is relevant.

SECOND. to get an idea how a bride’s personal style might translate into her wedding style,  we like Brooklyn Bride’s “Phi Style” mood boards.

For example, if her Pinterest is filled with black and white pictures of movie stars and glamorous dress up outfits, she might dream of being an Old Hollywood Bride, who’d probably love an Ava Engagement Ring.

Is she an independent, sophisticated art lover? Does she collect images of modern, funky interiors and fashion? The Sculptural Bride might love the Estella Engagement Ring.

Or would you say she’s a bohemian flower child? Does she love nature, vintage style, or ethereal, romantic dress designs and photography? The Lily Engagement Ring is one to consider for the Kate Moss-inspired 1920s garden bride.

As you begin your search, just remember to be prepared, patient and relaxed. The perfect ring is out there!

Pictured above, a brand new design from our Laurel Collection.

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