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Autumn Wedding Style

This Sunday marks the first day of fall, so let’s talk about fall wedding style, shall we?

This Australian farm wedding has it all for fall. A rustic, personalized cake, a dramatic venue, a lacy, but demure wedding dress, a bouquet of saturated colors and original textures, and that warm sunset lighting we love.

This one is hip and amazing! The bride’s glasses and lipstick look so cool with her floral wreath and sultry dress, and the color story is incredible.

A bold lip and sexy hair is always in season, but especially for fall, don’t you think?

And how good are these tweed details for bride, groom and attendants? So chic as an alternative or an addition to swishy, silky things.

Sometimes engagement shoots can be a little sugary and over the top, so we love the refined simplicity of this one. Work those stiletto pumps, lady!

Pumpkin centerpieces too twee for you? Don’t judge till you see these. White pumpkins are the perfect blend of minimal and adorable.

So how are you making the most of the crisp, lovely days of fall?

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